Thursday, February 27, 2014

nail care trio

Basecoat, Topcoat, and Organic Cuticle Oil Review

The above picture was taken about a month ago and the below picture was taken today. :) I wanted to give the anil care trio a good use before writting this review:)

First off let me begin by saying that this base coat is just so beautiful! At first I was intimidated by its pink hue. Once I used it I was hooked! It's leaves a natural pink color on your nails. I'll even use it on its own when I don't want to wear polish because it leaves a pink healthy glow on my nails. Lately this is my go to base coat because it dries so quickly! Below is a picture comparing my nails with the Creamy Base Coat as well as without. My middle and pinky finger have both the Creamy Base Coat on and Organic Cuticle Oil for comparison. You can see the healthy pink shine it adds to my nails :)

Now for the organic cuticle oil  let me tell you this stuff smells amazing!! Its hard to describe the smell its sort of like strawberries but also some other fruits? Or Flowers? I'm not quite sure but it smells delicious! I use it after I apply my base coat or while doing my nail art so my cuticles will absorb it and I won't have to wait for it to dry. I use it all the time especially between swatches so my cuticles wont get dry. I have used Essie's apricot cuticle oil but I feel like that one leaves more of a dry oil? feel rather then a healthy soft feel.

The High Gloss Top Coat is just beautiful! I personally like to add 2 coats of this top coat for an even higher gloss. Although most of the time I apply just one coat.:) This top coat reminds me a lot of Sally hansens Xtreme wear top coat. High gloss Top Coat does dry a lot faster and has a higher shine to it. Below are some of the manis that I have topped with High Gloss Top Coat.:)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dainty Digits Swatch and Review

  Glitter Topperz and Total Eclipse

So today I have the Dainty Digits Glitter Topperz collection and Total Eclipse.
Ill be going in the order they were numbered. So first up we have "A Unicorn Sneezes"  This glitter topper has multiple colorful size hex and square glitters. It's such a fun colorful mix! I dabbed one coat over Wet N Wild's "I need a Refreshmint" topped with Seche Vite. I added a lil sneezing unicorn on my pointer finger :)

Secondly, we have All Over The Place. This glitter topper has the most beautiful pastel glitters with some surprising black shreded glitter for that extra something! Here is one coat dabbed onto my nail over Polishaus "Frankie" topped with seche. Seche vite totally smeared my lil ice cream cone. :/

Thirdly, we have "My Crayons Melted!!" A fun mix of various hex glitters as well as black and white shredded glitter. Here I dabbed one coat over Sally Hansen's "Blue Me Away" topped with seche along with a lil bow. :)

Swatch along with a lil bow just for fun!
Macro with my lil bow that now looks huge lol

Here we have "Might NEON 2 Somethin' ". As the name of the polish states its a mix of different hex and square neon glitters. Here I paired it with China Glazes "You Drive Me Coconuts" one coat dabbed and topped with seche. Along with some free hand chevron using Saly Hansen's "Blue Me Away" from before :)

This is the last one from the collection it is "Paint Chip Confetti" this one is various colors of shreded glitter! Its so unique I love it! Here is one coat over China Glazes "Hawaiian Punch" two coats dabbed and topped with seche.

Last but not least we have "Total Eclipse" This is by far my favorite holographic nail polish Dainty Digits has created. Its a charcoal holographic polish. Here is 2 coats topped with seche. It was so hard to capture the gorgeous holo that this polish contains! But here are my swatches of it its so much more prettier in person!!

Light Box Picutre

Outdoor no sun picture
light box Macro

Hope you enjoyed my lil nail art and swatches I will be re-swatching re-macroing polishes that I've done in the past. Now that I have a macro lens I want to macro every polish!!!! lol Thanks for stopping by:D