Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Whooty Hoot Creations

swatches and review

hello everyone today i will be posting various swatches of the lovely Wooty Hoot Creaions polishes.:) I have some spring time polishes as well as her "Marilyn and Audrey" duo collaboration that she did with CDB lacquers.

First up we have "Yellow Canery". Yellow Canery is a creamy shimmery yellow. when i think of spring I definitely think of birds:) Below I have 2 coats topped with Seche Vite and a Canary accent nail.

Next up we have the gorgeous "Baby Birds". Baby birds is a gorgeous creamy crelly with pastel yellow, baby blue, and blue hex and circle glitters. below i paired with some chevron I applied 2 coats on its own topped with seche. The formula was really nice and smooth.

The last swatch of the spring collection I own is "Strand of Pearls". Strand of Pearls is a shimmery pearl white:) It's meant to be worn with a matte top coat but is a gloss. Below I have 2 generous coats topped with a matte top coat by Salon Perfect and a pearl necklace accent nail. :)

"Seeing Stars" is not from the spring collection but its so gorgeous I couldn't pass it up! It's a beautiful holo small and medium hex as well as star glitter! I swatched this one twice because I used it twice already.:) Once over Essies "No Place Like Chrome" and once over "Are You Jelly?" both topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

A Blurred Shot so you can see all its holo goodness :))

Next up I have Whooty Hoot Creations half of the "Audrey and Marilyn" Collab with CDB Lacquers!:D I love Marilyn Monroe so I was so excited about this duo and it did not dissapoint! This lovely red is called "Don't Deserve Me At My Best". This lovely Maraschino red is the perfect red good to go in one coat! This lovely red also has a few flakies scattered. Below is one coat topped with Seche Vite.

And last but not least I have "I'm Possible" the Audrey inspired glitter topper. Its a white, baby blue, and silver circle hex and shard glitter :) It also contains fine holo micro glitter! Such a beautiful topper I will definitely be using this topper often!:D  Below is one coat over China Glaze "Too Yacht to Handle" topped with Seche Vite.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Whooty Hoot Creations


Hello everyone! Today I have swatches for Whooty Hoot Creations!:) I will have a separate review for the scrub because i want to use it for a good amount of time before I give it a review. :)

So first up we have Antique China. Antique china is a creamy off white polish with large and small blue hex glitters. It also has a gold shimmer to it.:) I did some nail art which first started off as lace and then it turned into this lol. Below is 3 thin coats on its own topped with Seche Vite. 

you can really see the gold shimmer in this macro :)

Next up is Saint saint is a part of a duo. Saint is a black jelly that contains micro, hex and small and large holo and circle glitter. For Saint I added studs in the form of a cross. This one is my personal favorite. Here is 3 coats on its own. I love all the shiny holographic and different glitters.

This is Sinner the second part of this duo. It is also a black jelly but this jelly contains Gold mixture of glitters. This polish has small & large circle glitters as well as shards of gold glitter. :) Below is 4 thin coats it goes on sheer at first but its good after 4 thin coats. For sinner I did The Pretty Reckless Cross Logo. :)

Next up we have  Oh Holo Minnie over Nicole by opi Be Ama-zing. Here we have 1 thin coat over 2 coats of Be Ama-zing. Oh Holo Minnie is composed of holographic glitters both silver and pink. I love this mixture so girly and pink!!

Next up Is Aurora. This lovely blue jelly is made up of  a variety of glitters which include hex, stars and circle glitters. I don't have many blue polishes but this one has definitely jumped to the top five! Below is one thin coat followed by 2 generous coats topped with Seche Vite. :)

And here we have Hearts and bows! Another lovely pink Glitter polish. Hearts and bows is such a fun pink girly mix of glitters:) It truly has it all hex, heart, bow, square and holographic glitters.So in love with this combination!  Below is one thin coat over 2 coats of Shocking pink.

Lucky coin is a polish for St. Patrick's day. I love every polish that contains white glitter! Lucky coin is a lovely combination of green, white and gold glitters. I specially love the Green circle glitters!! I will definitely be rocking this gorgeous polish on St. Patty's day. :) Below is one coat over 3 thin coats of Polishhaus Frankie.

Lastly I have a polish for spring!:D This one is called Spring cleaning. This polish has pastel matte glitters and green glitters as well.:) Here i paired it with a floral accent nail. Below is one coat over 2 coats of bottoms up by China Glaze.

I love every single one of these polishes. Each one is so unique and special.:) Thank you so much again Emily for allowing me to be part of your swatching team and I hope you like my swatches. :D

Thursday, February 27, 2014

nail care trio

Basecoat, Topcoat, and Organic Cuticle Oil Review

The above picture was taken about a month ago and the below picture was taken today. :) I wanted to give the anil care trio a good use before writting this review:)

First off let me begin by saying that this base coat is just so beautiful! At first I was intimidated by its pink hue. Once I used it I was hooked! It's leaves a natural pink color on your nails. I'll even use it on its own when I don't want to wear polish because it leaves a pink healthy glow on my nails. Lately this is my go to base coat because it dries so quickly! Below is a picture comparing my nails with the Creamy Base Coat as well as without. My middle and pinky finger have both the Creamy Base Coat on and Organic Cuticle Oil for comparison. You can see the healthy pink shine it adds to my nails :)

Now for the organic cuticle oil  let me tell you this stuff smells amazing!! Its hard to describe the smell its sort of like strawberries but also some other fruits? Or Flowers? I'm not quite sure but it smells delicious! I use it after I apply my base coat or while doing my nail art so my cuticles will absorb it and I won't have to wait for it to dry. I use it all the time especially between swatches so my cuticles wont get dry. I have used Essie's apricot cuticle oil but I feel like that one leaves more of a dry oil? feel rather then a healthy soft feel.

The High Gloss Top Coat is just beautiful! I personally like to add 2 coats of this top coat for an even higher gloss. Although most of the time I apply just one coat.:) This top coat reminds me a lot of Sally hansens Xtreme wear top coat. High gloss Top Coat does dry a lot faster and has a higher shine to it. Below are some of the manis that I have topped with High Gloss Top Coat.:)