Sunday, December 22, 2013


Today I have short post of Mintallica by Loaded Laquer. So sorry I've missed the last two posts. I will have my regular posts up this week. :)

Nail Honey's Minty Fre$h and Loaded Laquer's Mintallica <3
For these nails I used Seche Clear, Mintallica, Minty Fre$h, A white striper and Seche vite.:) So here are various shots of Mintallica in the sunlight and indoors. As well as some Metallica nail art. Enjoy :)

Macro of Mintallica over Nail honeys Minty Fre$h 

Indoors Macro 3 Coats alone 
I added Metallicas St. Anger art on my middle finger. I was going to do it in its originals colors but I had already done that before. Then I came across this original St. Angers signed poster. So I made it mint :)

St. Angers accent :)


Sunlight Picture 
For some reason I've been loving this pose lol
 Thanks for stopping by:)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nail Inspiration Tuesday 

So I've decided that every Tuesday will be for what things inspired my nails of that week. What do you guys think? These will allow me to share with you guys how just about anything can be turned into nail art :) 

This week my two biggest inspirations where my Whitman's Sampler tin box and a walk in tattoo done by the very talented Nate Fierro from High Voltage Tatoo. 

 I found the little tin box at the 99 cents store in the school supply section lol The cute combination of blue and gold caught my attention and new I had to have it. Once I picked it up I noticed they were chocolates. I just knew I had to do my nails like them!  

I've had the screenshot of that tattoo for quite a while. High Voltage Tattoo uploaded it on their instagram. I just go though my screenshots and always stare at that tattoo. At first I was going to attempt to draw it then outta no where yesterday it occurred to me to do it on my nails instead:) I love drawing bones and i love feathers. This was the perfect combination of BOTH! 

The amazing tattoo by Nate

This is the inspired look :)

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Thanks for stopping by :) New nail tutorial on Friday :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Ultimate Louboutin Nail Guide

Hi everyone today I have a tutorial for you guys!:) It's the oh so famous Louboutin nail. I have 5 different variations of this design each inspired by a different shoe to fit your individual style. Of course these aren't the only ways you can use this style you can use any color for your polishes:) I will be showing you a tutorial for the glamorous look!

Chic look

Edgy look

Classic Look

The Rock-star look

Glamorous look

For the glamorous louboutin nails the polishes that you will need are a base coat, a sparkly silver polish, a red polish and last but not least a topcoat.

Seche Clear, Seche Vite, Glistening Snow, Yoshiwara
First you want to go ahead and use a base coat to protect your nails and make your nail polish last longer. Here I had already done that and moved on to my polish choice which is Glistening snow by China glaze.

Once that has dried you want to go ahead and 
use your red polish. make sure to wipe of all the excess nail polish. You want to have just the slightest bit on the brush.

Then gently pull back your skin from your nail with your thumb and slowly begin dabbing the red polish.

My nails aren't that long so my index finger needed a lot of clean up. lol 

 Clean up is quite easy if you have a cuticle stick, small brush or even a cotton swab. 

Here is the final result along with some poses you can try out to show your louboutin nails lol I hope you try these out. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below :) Thanks for stopping by <3

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hello and Welcome To My Blog

Hello I would like to welcome you to my nail polish blog.:) I decided to start my own blog so that I can share things that I've learned through the nail art community on instagram. This blog wont solely be dedicated to nail art I will also have some DIY's and/or requests you might have. I hope you decide to try some of my designs or tutorials. I would love to see all your recreations.

You can follow me on instagram @perfectly_polish i was formerly @janet_m1 so you will see that as my watermark. I changed my name so it would match my blogs name. :) @janet_m1 is also my account but it will be my personal account. My goal will try to post at least weekly but I might post more than that.

With that being said if you'd like to request something feel free to leave me a comment or a question. You may email me at

DC bunny nails

studded rose nails :)

and Breaking Bad nails :)